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Frozen pipe problems

LOCAL AREA  --  With temperatures dropping below freezing many people woke up this morning with no hot water.

Their pipes we're frozen and all they could do was wait until they thawed out.

Channel 3's Amber Southard has more on what you can do to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

"Starting about 6:30 this morning Bayfront Plumbing got their first phone call somebody turned on their sink and there was nothing... immediately they knew they had a problem with their pipes being froze."
By noon they received over 50 calls..
Amy Wisenall was one of those.
"When I turned it on and nothing came on I panicked and was like oh man."
She forgot to cover the exposed water pipes on the side of her home.
"I learned my lesson."
Plumber Casey McGee says that's a common mistake in an area that hardly ever reaches below freezing temperatures.
Casey McGee  "Pretty much at that point you can't do anything but maybe try to heat up the pipes with a blow dryer or maybe a heating pad."   
Luckily for Amy thawing her water pipes was possible..
And that they didn't burst.

If your pipes burst you could take a hit to your wallet.
"You hope that it's in a good location in the house where you're not doing to much of tearing up of sheet rock or even the slab at that point."

But there are tips you can do to avoid this from happening to you.
Like running your water faucets at night and trying to insulate exposed pipes.
"You should insulate those with whatever you can, a towel, sheet's, if you have pool, noodles cut those up and tape those around them."

"Now make sure tonight if you have exposed pipes like these you wrap them tight with anything that can insult them."