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Loss of power on Pensacola Beach said to be caused by system overload

PENSACOLA BEACH   --  It was a chilly night all over our area but some people on Pensacola Beach really felt it.
That's because many folks out there spent the night without power and in many cases, without heat.

Power crews are working to fix the problem and get the power back on.
It was a rough night for about 2000 people out on the beach. Overnight there was no power, which means no heat and pretty much no sleep. It didn't come back on until 4 or 5 In many areas.

It was long
That's the only way to describe John Doyle's night. The power went out around 7 and didn't come back on for close to 9 hours.

It was pretty chilly we bundled up in the main room w blankets.
He says it got down to 56 degrees inside. Not the type of power outage they usually experience. 

This is the first time we felt the power out in the winter time we had it out in the summertime.  In the summertime house gets hot but this is the opposite

It didn't just effect year round residents, hotels lost power too. Denise Roberts was staying in the Hilton when everything went out..

We were in the hotel and the lights kept flashing then all of a sudden it all went out and it was pretty dark

She's bundled up with extra blankets while she waited for power to return. She's visiting from Virginia. So cold temps aren't anything new to her. She just expected Florida, to feel like Florida.

I'm a little irritated by the 30 you don't come here for 30 you coming for 60 In January but we had colder weather up north so this is still warmer than home

Gulf Power says the reason the power went out was because of a system overload. Too many people using heat at one time.