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Driving in winter weather

The winter storm is wreaking havoc across the deep south!
Today in Central Texas, more than 200 crashes and dozens of wrecks.

In Atlanta, roads and interstates were jammed, some drivers were stranded, and there dozens of wrecks.
Most of the wrecks are being blamed on snow and ice.
Around here conditions are not nearly as bad.
But there is a threat of ice on the roadways which is a hazard for drivers.
Channel Three's Joe Douglass is live near the Highway 90 bridge connecting Pensacola and Pace with a look at our roadways.

It's wet and getting colder by the minute out here.
At this point the state Department of Transportation says bridges in our area are staying open.
They're keeping a close watch on them and are ready to bring in tractors with broom sweepers to clear out ice if necessary.

Drivers we spoke with had mixed feelings about the situation.
Lacey Keller, Driver: "I'm excited it's freezing though I like snow"
Lacey Keller got out of work early and says she's looking forward to the wintry weather.
"They told us to go home because they don't want us to drive over the bridges."
Keller and other Florida natives with little experience driving on ice say they want to play it safe.
 'I don't want to drive in it that's why I'm going home right now"

Christy Piciullo, Works Nearby: "I think I'm going to stay where I'm at try not to go anywhere."
Reporter: What are the people here in the folks you know talking about?

This bridge in the way of ice is the way your vehicle goes down and then you're going up slides around"
Tim Poppell, who once lived in North Carolina, says for him, driving in icy conditions is nothing new. 

Tim Poppell, Driver: "If you're not used to it the vehicle can get away from you pretty quickly the roads will look fine but then all the sudden will be icy."
Poppell offered up a few tips on how to stay safe.
"Watch your stopping distance don't try to get too close to people in front of you be prepared that they may do something a mix up on expected as well"

Again, if you're going to drive at all in this weather, slow down and leave a lot of space between yourself and other vehicles.
We've posted some winter weather driving tips at