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Alabama fans name son after football team

This story is for all the Alabama fans out there.

A family's dedication to their favorite college football team is so strong, they named their son after the good Old Alabama Crimson Tide...literally.

The love of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team runs so deep in the Steele family, that they named their son "Krimson Tyde."
    "We all big Alabama fans and I think he'll be the next one."

The couple says they thought of the name as soon as they found out they were having a boy and received final approval from Krimson's older brothers, Trenton and Dawson.
    "My 5yr old and 4yr old, they really had the main part in it. That's what they wanted to name him, so that's what we stuck with."

It didn't take long before their name choice was the hot topic on social media, newcasts and websites across the Country, igniting a firestorm of reaction.
Most of which, Krimson's parents have tried to brush off.
    "Lot of people say it's a bad name. They wouldn't name him that. But, it's not their choice, it's ours. So.."
    "It's not meant for them to like or have any say-so. And, plus, it's not their child."

If his cries are any indication, Krimson definitely has a set of healthy lungs to help him cheer on the tide.

The Steele's choosing to place their focus not on the opinion of thousands online, but rather on the new addition to their family.
    "As long as he's healthy and he gets taken care of, we're happy."