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Cold weather supplies flying off the shelves

It's been busy at local hardware stores. Many of folks are old pros at preparing for tropical storms and hurricanes, but not cold weather.

As Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth reports, that's a totally different story.

This shelf at Lowe's is usually pretty well stocked, its not often folks in Florida are looking for pipe freeze protection. Well in just 30 minutes, faucet covers completely sold out.

"Are you doing your pipes?"

Not a common question here in Florida, but neither are winter hats and coats.

"I think it's cold, colder than a wheel diggers rear end..."

"Cold, I feel like I'm home in New Hampshire..."

Margaret Otis is trying to protect her pipes so they don't freeze.
But unfortunately, a lot of stuff is sold out.

"It has been hectic, people coming in left and right."
"The number one seller  had been faucet covers, I haven't heard of anybody having them..."

Another thing flying off the shelf is heaters, they only have a few left.

"When its cold they flutter in here...."

Teresa Beer is buying one for her son so he doesn't freeze.

"I didn't move to Florida for this, that's what I think.."

The good news is they all know this is only for a few days, and the temps will hopefully return back to normal.

Reporting in "what doesn't feel like Pensacola," Christina Leavenworth, Channel 3 news.