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NEW INFORMATION: Crestview SWAT shooting

CRESTVIEW  -  CRESTVIEW - It's been two weeks since one man was killed and two police officers were wounded during a shootout in Crestview. A SWAT team came to a home on Savage Street looking for two brothers, on charges including armed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

One of those men, Yoni Calhoun, was not in the house. He was arrested Sunday in Alabama. His brother, Rasheik Calhoun, was killed in the gun battle. Another man in the house, Aphrey Collis, was charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer.

There were other people in the house, including five children.

Laura Hussey "These are slugs and casings that were pulled from inside walls here at 462 Savage Street. The people in the house when the shooting started say they had no idea what was going on"

Kayla McElrath "Two officers were shot before we even woke up"

Kayla McElrath says she and her fiancee, Rasheik Calhoun, were awakened by a loud bang and the sound of automatic gunfire.

Kayla "Yeah, and there's fifteen bullet holes in my couch. Right there"

Right next to the bullet-riddled loveseat, two of her children were watching a movie, with Sarah Richardson and her husband.

Sarah "Then all of a sudden we hear automatic gunshots going off. Laron grabs Danny and tells me RUN. I was going to grab Trayvon and actually hide behind this wall right here, and you can see the gunshots. I could have died if it hadn't been for my husband telling me to keep running"

The adults in the house insist police never identified themselves before they started firing. Crestview police say they were under fire before they came in the front door. Everyone has given statements to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Kayla "One of the officers was like....we already had to kill somebody.  I'm like....Oh my God"

None of the five children in the house were injured. Kayla's fiancee, Calhoun, was shot after he left the house through a side door.   

Sarah "Rasheik had came in there, had opened up the door, closed it, looked back, looked at my husband and said 'You got them bro?' And my husband said, 'I've got them'"

Kayla "So when he went out that door, he didn't know he was about to die. They didn't say anything. Aren't they supposed to say like get down? Freeze, stop? Not shoot to kill"

Laura Hussey "Kayla McElrath is in the process of moving out of this house. The FDLE is still investigating the incident. In Crestview, Laura Hussey, Channel 3 News"         

The two police officers who were shot that night, Beau Baier and Shane Kriser, are still recovering from their injuries. Both were shot in the legs.