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Cold weather keeping automotive specialists busy

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- The cold weather may be a pain for many living along the Gulf Coast, but for towing companies and automotive shops it means big business.  Several companies are seeing more calls come in because their car won't start or they're heat isn't working.
When the temperature drops, Patton Nevels usually can be found underneath the hood of a car.

"With the weather like it is, some people might say it's good for business but things happen" said Patton Nevels, Nevels Automotive.

Wednesday he dealt with several projects.  A woman's radiator froze as she was driving to work and developed a small leak.

Good preventative maintenance like winterizing your car will keep most things in working order.  Several parts underneath the hood can expand and contract in cold temperatures similar to your pipes at home.  In some cases, those parts burst open leaking fluid.

"When it froze, everything expands like a frozen coke in the freezer and when things expands, things crack, boom it just pop right off" said Nevels.

More things to keep in mind keep an eye on your antifreeze levels and let your car warm up a few minutes in the morning before hitting the road.