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Florida school standards

You may have heard the term Common Core. it's an education initiative across the country that details what students should know in English and Math at the end of each school year. In 2010, Florida adopted these standards,  but it's  faced a lot of criticism. The state received thousands of comments from teachers and parents, so last week the Board of Education, rolled out 99 proposed changes and renamed them "Florida Standards."

In a nutshell the Common Core is a set a standards across the board. That means is if you move from Tennessee to Florida. the educational expectations should be the same. You ask any parent about the Common Core and this is the typical response. "I don't even know what you are talking about it." said one parent.

Florida started looking at these standards back in 2010 but it's taken them 4 years to hammer them out and figure out what will work best for the state. Next year, they will be saying goodbye to the FCAT and hello to Florida Standards-a revised version of the Common Core curriculum. More than 40 states have adopted these standards, so the goal is to make education more uniform throughout the country. Teresa Powell just moved to Pensacola and it was tough for her 4th grader to get adjusted. She said, "We just moved here from Georgia. And we found he was well ahead. It was frustrating because I knew if my kid moved from Florida to Georgia he would be way behind.

Bill Vincent with the Escambia Education Association says it's taken a while to figure out, because  a lot of parents and teachers originally opposed it.

He said, "What im hearing people say is it's an overstep of federal government into states rights to provide education for children of that state."

Another criticism is kids aren't the same so their education shouldn't be either.

"Some kids don't need the same thing, I have a special needs child and he doesn't need the same thing." said Emily Wisdom.

Overall, the main difference for students is the FCAT will disappear and be replaced by a similar test using the new standards. The bar will also be raised.

The standards are expected to be more rigorous and will prepare students better for college and decent paying jobs. Florida will start using these new standards next year.