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Dr. Rollins's orthodontist office closed

The sudden closing of an orthodontist's practice has left  some of his patients asking questions
    Dr. Thomas Rollins closed his office on 9 mile road a few months ago and told his patients to see another orthodontist.

    The problem is, some of his patients have already paid him in full for treatment.
    Now,  he's nowhere to be found.

Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez spoke with one of his patients who wants answers.

    Melanie Andrade's two daughters were patients of Dr. Rollins.
    After failing to reach Dr. Rollins for two months, Andrade received a letter in the mail saying he closed his practice to travel and told her to go see another orthodontist in the area.
    That orthodontist has every patient's records, but none of their financial records.

"They don't have anything to show I've paid anything, even though I've already paid in full for complete orthodontic treatment. All the way through braces to retainers, everything," said Andrade.

    The full amount came out to  $6,000. Andrade paid that amount for her oldest daughter's braces, and already paid about $1500 for her youngest daughter.
    Now that she's seeing a new orthodontist, her hands are tied.

"They will have to re-evaluate and see what fees I'm going to incur, there will be fees, but I don't know yet what it'll be," said Andrade.

    Dr. Rollins has two disciplinary cases with the Department of Health in which he violated two Florida statutes.
    In both cases, he was found guilty of negligence by failing to meet minimum standards of performance in diagnosis and treatment..
    He was also found guilty for falsely advertising his specialties. The DOH says he advertised himself as an "orthodontics specialist" when, in fact, he was a general dentist practicing orthodontics.

"I was really shocked because one of the reasons I chose to come here was because his finance manager, the one I originally met with, said he was extremely ethical," Andrade said.

    We also spoke to one of his employees, who did not want us to identify her, but says the last time she spoke with Dr. Rollins was in December.
    She doesn't know where he is, only that he is out of state. She's still waiting for her last paycheck and is being bombarded with calls from his patients wanting answers.

"We're trying to do right by our kids and get them a good future with nice straight teeth and now we're kinda out of luck," she added.

    Andrade is connecting with other patients and plans on filing a complaint with DOH.
    She is also considering legal action.