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Teaching students outdoor safety

CRESTVIEW  --  Teaching students safety outdoors.
It's a class Crestview High School has offered for 14-years..
The class was just accredited..
 And is only one of two schools in the state teaching students basic outdoor skills.

"In school most students learn from text books  "But there are some things you just can't learn at a desk."
The Outdoors Class teaches students how to fish, tie knots, boat safely and basic survival skills..    
Coach Ernie Martin felt the need for the class over 10-years ago..
Ernie Martin "The parameter for all of this is safety, making sure when they do go outside that they do enjoy their time outside."

Austin Armstrong  "We learned how to tie all different kinds of knots and scouting our way through the woods, so that will definitely help."
Thomas Mesca says this class is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the outdoors.

"If someone is on the border of wanting to know about hunting and fishing and stuff they can just take the class."
It also gives some students a head start on a career...
Pierce Cadenhead says it confirmed his decision to become a Game Warden..
"At one point this year the Game Wardens actually came to talk to us and I got to talk one on one with them."
Mesca agrees   He plans on joining the Air Force and says the skills he picked up will help him through basic.

Thomas Mesca  "I think it's going to help me with general safety rules if I'm ever on a boat , or if I need to tie any kind of knots I think I'll have a general understanding and it won't be as hard for me."
Other schools across the state may soon look at Crestview High Schools Outdoors course as a outline.

Bob Jones  "Imitation is the best form of flattery. We would love for them to adopt our program."

"The class just ended, but the new semester begins next Tuesday and Coach Martin expects about 35 students in that class.