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HEALTH NEWS: Contraceptive mandate goes into effect

President Obama's health care law is officially in effect..
But some people are not happy with part of the law that requires most employers to provide contraceptive services through their insurance plans.
On January 1st the entirety of President Obama's health care law went into effect.

But not without controversy.
Today the Obama administration asked Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

To stop blocking a part of the law that requires some religious
Organizations to provide birth control in their insurance plans.

The administration says it set up an out for churches and other religious groups - where their insurance companies would pay for birth control.

But lawyers for a group of Catholic nuns who run nursing homes say the exemptions aren't enough - and it's still a violation of their religious beliefs.

Makes them complicit with it//to state there's an exemption here is simply baloney.

For millions of Americans the new health care law means they will now be able to get coverage. And every insurance plan must cover essentials such as
doctor visits and prescription drugs.

This case/controversy, it's a very small part of the overall Affordable Care Act - more than 27 million now benefits.

Maggie Hernandez just made her first doctors appointment in nearly a year.
While I was uninsured I was paying 200 dollars a month but now with Obamacare I will be paying 20 dollars a month"

The administration says 2.1 million people have signed up so far - but that's about a million short of the target for the start of 2014.

Officials also can't say how many of those people who picked a plan have actually paid and are really enrolled.