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Craft brewery regulations

More craft breweries are popping up in Florida, but they are forced to abide by regulations.  Florida is one of only three states where it is illegal to fill a 64 ounce beer container known as a growler.

The Florida Brewer's Guild is pushing to make it legal to fill growlers of all sizes.  As it stands now, you can fill a growler with beer that's a gallon or more, or 32 ounces or less, but filling growlers in between those amounts is against the law.

"So between 32 and 128 you cannot fill a vessel that's why we have no 40 ounce beverages in the state we have nothing in between that" said Mark Robertson, Pensacola Bay Brewery.

We caught Josh Wellmeier having his growlers filled at Pensacola Bay Brewery.  He has to bring two 32 ounce growlers in because a single 64 ounce is illegal.

"It's a little more restricted but they've been doing better as of late, as opposed to what it was in the past" said Josh Wellmeier, Milton resident.

Florida's beer container laws date back to the Prohibition Era.  It can be confusing to some connoisseurs, especially snowbirds from the other 47 states that have no such restrictions.

"Make it standard everywhere if there is a standard I don't know if there' a standard at all" said Robert Hart, visiting from Ohio.

"It's just totally confusing and it doesn't make a lot of sense and it's unfortunate situation for the businessmen" said Darlene Hart, visiting from Ohio.

Last year a similar bill to legalize 64 ounce growlers was proposed in the Florida legislature, but it died before it was put up for a vote. 
Mark Robertson owner of Pensacola Bay Brewery has his doubts on whether this latest effort will be successful.  He admits a more uniform beer container law will make it easier on his business and his customers.

"We can't fill out of state growlers for the snowbirds that are 64 ounces, if they change that then we're golden" said Robertson.