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YOUR THREE CENTS: Do you believe "income inequality" is a problem?

An international charity group called "Oxfam" has released a new report on wealth distribution in the world.
Their study found that the richest 1-percent of the people in the world own nearly half of the world's wealth.
And the world's 85 richest people have about the same amount of money as the poorer half of the world.
The report titled "Working for the Few" says the  this massive concentration of economic resources in the hands of fewer people presents a real threat to inclusive political and economic systems.
The group says governments overwhelmingly now serve the interests of economic elites - to the detriment of ordinary people.
The Oxfam report also says people are increasingly separated by economic and political power, heightening social tensions and increasing the risk of societal breakdown.
President Obama identified economic equality as one of the most pressing issues in a speech in December.
He said the wealthiest 1% of Americans  have captured 95% of the financial growth since 2009, while the bottom 90% became poorer.
The issue is expected to a major topic of discussion during the "World Economic Forum" this week in Switzerland.

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