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HEALTH NEWS: Healthcare changes and losing your doctor

As the number of people enrolling in Obamacare goes up some of the new rules *associated with the bill are bringing other numbers down.
Chris Vanocur shows us how Obamacare may be affecting your healthcare network..

Looking at doctors in the Norman Rockwell Musuem, one sees generations going to the same trusted family  physician. but under Obamacare.

Greg Lawson, Policy Analayst: 2153 - "There's a very good chance that you  will find yourself with an insurance product where they're no longer part of the network. you may lose the doctor is the bottom line."

And this new development appears to be another unintended consequence of Obamacare.

 Policy Analyst  Greg Lawson says the problem is new health care restrictions. 

He paints a picture where patients might visit their  usual medical facility only to discover their doctor is no longer part of their insurance network.

Which means they might have to find a new doctor covered by their plan - or - pay higher out of pocket expenses for their old doctor.

Greg Lawson  - "So the good news I may have now health insurance but the bad news is it may not be with the doctor I want? That is absolutely
the case."

And in a Norman Rockwell world, that may not be what the doctor ordered.

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