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HEALTH NEWS: Medical study on early help for stroke victims

We often thing of stokes as something that affects older people, but they can strike anyone, even babies in the womb.
A new medical trial could make a big difference for some young patients.

He's made major progress since then but shortly after William --who's now ten was born,
Teresa Berting/ Mom: "He was about between five and six months hold, we noticed he wasn't using the right side of his body."
It was all likely due to a type of Cerebral Palsy caused by this kind of stroke --  Amy Bailes, a research physical therapist --is now part of a national trial-- to help study it:

Amy Bailes/ Physical Therapist: "I am working on a study for children who have Hemoplegic Cerebral Palsy which means that one side of their body isn't working as well -- it's not as strong, it's not as coordinated."
As part of this study William now wears what's called a functional electrical stimulation device --which he says feels

William  Berting/ 10 years old/ 4th grade: "Like bugs crawling up your legs."
"But it doesn't hurt?"

"It's electrical stimulation so it stimulates the nerve that makes the muscle in the front of the leg turn on --to lift up the foot when you are walking."

"The idea behind all this is that while they do these motions, they also can do other things in life that we often take for granted.. such as going up and down the stairs or rock climbing such as what he's doing here."

"And we're hoping that in addition to having effects while it's worn, that there will be some carry over, that the leg will be stronger, balances better so eventually they won't have to wear that , and they won't have to wear a brace."
Already William has seen improvement --
"He has much more mobility on the right side now."
The real goal -- a slam dunk --"I'm hoping to play basketball someday."
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