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Animal rescues - greyhounds

Animal rescue groups say 74 greyhounds died at Florida's dog racing tracks in the last seven months of 2013.

That's an average of one dog every three days.
Four of those deaths were at Pensacola Greyhound Track.
They range from euthanasia for a broken leg, to a dog refusing to eat and dying in its kennel.
Before last May dog deaths were -not- recorded.
But state law now requires a report on any death at the track.
The ASPCA and "Grey Two K- USA" compiled the numbers.
They're also supporting two new racing bills.
One would change the law that requires a minimum number of dog races in order to operate a poker room.

Cary Theil/Executive Director, Grey2K USA: "They're dying for an activity that no one's betting on, that the track owners don't want to do, and the track owners are losing money on."

Rep. Matt Gaetz/(R) Shalimar: "Let's have a laser focus and constant focus to end the practice of greyhound racing."

The other bill would require filing a report any time a dog is *injured at the track.