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New dental clinic offers emergency care

More than 2 million people, most of them adults, showed up in the nation's ERs for dental pain last year. But most emergency rooms are not staffed or equipped for dental problems. A local option for those in need of dental care.

Dental Center just opened in November of 2013 and it could not have come at a better time- a time when there is a real need.

The percentage of working-age adults with dental benefits is declining and the Affordable Care Act provides little to no relief.

"We've seen so many patients who have been to the ER for a dental problem. Although they get some antibiotics and pain relief, it does not address the problem at hand," said Ann Papadelias, Director of Dental Services, Escambia County Clinics Inc.

Local hospitals like Baptist and Sacred Heart are creating referral programs to get patients to dentists.
Patients are usually referred to this place. The dental services office at Escambia Community Clinic.

"We see Medicaid children, we see adults who are covered by Medicaid and Escambia County clinic patients who are on a sliding fee scale."

The dental clinic says children as young as 3 should be seen by a dentist so that their oral health  becomes a matter of habit.

And even though it's not the most desirable place to visit, adults should be making to a chair like this one more often -- especially if they have other health conditions.

"It is more important for people with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension to be seeing a dentist on a regular basis," Papadelias said.

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