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Facebook group slams "Military Social Media Idiots"

A new Facebook group is slamming troops who post controversial pictures and comments on social media.   

The group is called "Military Social Media Idiots".

As Channel Three's Joe Douglass shows us, it's gotten pretty popular since it launched on Tuesday.

The group has about 12,000 likes. Its main message is: If you're wearing the uniform, don't post pictures of yourself that will disgrace the uniform.

Dave Schmitt, Veteran: "It's pretty stupid really, they should know better."

Bob Haggard, Veteran: "Keep it to yourself, if you're that kind of person."

That was the reaction from a couple of veterans I spoke with after I showed them some of the stuff that's posted on the site. It includes photos of troops doing a lot of things many would consider inappropriate for someone in uniform to be doing online.

Some of the service members have gotten into trouble.

Col. Heidi Hoyle, Ft. Carson Spokeswoman: "Soldiers are soldiers 24 hours a day. They're considered a professional."

Authorities at Fort Carson in Colorado are investigating a soldier accused of posting a photo on Instagram of herself deliberately avoiding saluting the flag.

Her caption... "This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don't have to salute the 1700 flag."

She goes on... "Keep all your 'that's so disrespectful/howrude/etc.' comments to yourself cuz, right now, idga f f f f f."
 Which typical stands for I don't give a "blank".

Dave Schmitt, Veteran: "Disrespectul...That's for sure. You didn't see that when I was in the army."

The Facebook group says it's "out to put a stop to this one way or the other".

They're asking people to message them with screenshots of troops disgracing the uniform along with details.

They say they may or may not post what you send them.

Military authorities say if it's not something you'd show or say to your leaders, don't post it online.