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One of top drug traffickers in the world arrested in Mexico

MEXICO  --  The man alleged to be one of the top drug traffickers in the world has been arrested and is in custody in mexico.

Joaquin  "El Chapo" Guzman is head of the Sinaloa Cartel.
That is Mexico's most powerful drug gang.

Investigators say he is a key player in the violence that has claimed tens-of-thousands of lives since 2006.

Now that he is in custody, a lengthy and likely complicated legal process has begun to decide which country gets to try him first.

Today the infamous drug kingpin "El Chapo" has been cut down to size waking up for a second day in this maximum security Mexican prison.

This is an exceptional case. This is the largest, biggest drug lord we've ever seen in the world.
Sources say El Chapo - whose real name is Joaquin Guzman - is responsible for more deaths in the U.S. than Osama bin Laden.
His Sinaloa Cartel - a $3-billion a year empire - is the top supplier of marijuana, cocaine and heroin.  Eighty percent of drugs on the streets in Chicago alone come from Guzman.
His cartel has an enormous presence not only along the border states, all over the Midwest, obviously the West coast of the United States but then in Chicago as well.
The U.S. has not issued a formal request for extradition, but a delicate diplomatic dance has begun. Of concern to some U-S officials, Guzman's history of evasion and bribery.

Just last week he slipped the grip of Mexican authorities closing in on his hideout by escaping through this series of underground tunnels.

 In 2001, he broke out of prison in a laundry basket after serving less than half his 20-year term.  The fear is if he's done it once, he might do it again.

Chapo does not play by the rules. He has unlimited resources.
The manhunt for El Chapo came to an end Saturday in room 401 of this beach-front hotel.   Mexican Marines snatching him from his room without a shot
fired, and as breakfast was still on the stove.

Prosecutors in four US states have indicted Guzman and want a chance to hold him accountable in court.  But Mexican authorities are likely to want