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Black bear dangers

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is trying to track down a bear that attacked a man over night near Lake County.

Josh Hennessy says he was outside his father's home last night when he heard rustling in the bushes.

He walked around the corner and the bear attacked him and dragging him to the street.

ABC's Devin Dwyer has more on the incident.

They can sprint up to 35 miles per hour... and climb a tree in a matter of seconds.  When black bears are hungry, look out.

 He's a big one he's gonna get that turkey! It's a scene all too familiar where suburbs and wilderness meet bears too close for comfort, and sometimes on the attack.

Overnight, Joshua Hennessy of Sorrento, Florida, said he was simply sitting
outside his home when he became a victim.

"Took my headphones off, came around the bush, it was really dark. He was there coming at me."

A bear charging apparently unprovoked... sinking his teeth into Hennessy's

"We got to the street and it was just a tackle match for a
second. He got ahold of my clothes, I started punched him and he just ran

His was a lucky escape with only minor injuries. Investigators haven't found the bear... but set a trap in case he comes back.

Since December they were coming out.. every night.. You drive around and you see them all the time.

Florida Wildlife officials say calls about roaming bears have quadrupled over the past decade.

And residents have good reason to worry --

"A woman's I think been mauled by a bear. She's bleeding."

In December, a black bear nearly killed a Florida woman who was walking her

Courtney Hennessy, whose husband was spared, says she won't take any chances next time.

Get a gun. Shoot the bear! That's what we would have done. I mean c'mon, why let it hang out?