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Waitress receives big tip

Paying it forward... It's a practice that seems to be catching on.
One local waitress thought she was doing a good deed and got more out of it then she intended.
    Channel 3's Amber Southard explains.

"So imagine it's lunch time you come to your favorite restaurant to eat and it's time to pay for your food you look for your wallet and nothing, so what do you do?"
    That's exactly what happened to a diner here at Jordan Valley.
He had purchased lunch for his wife and himself and when her realized he had no wallet.
    He went to his car and began searching, but nothing.
That's when waitress Amanda Dobbins stepped in and bought his lunch.
    "I said I know you've done something for somebody in your lifetime let me just do something for you let me buy your lunch."
The man argued but eventually let her pay.

She expected nothing in return, but later that night the man walked back in the restaurant and demanded he pay for his lunch.
    Which was only $12.30, but he handed Amanda a $20.
    She told him that was to much but he insisted.

"I didn't expect it I didn't even expect him to come back and pay for the food. I didn't even know if he had a wallet or not."   

What happened next came as a big surprise .
    "He hands me this and says this is for you and I still have not spent this $100 since he gave it to me and my bills are due. I just can't get rid of it"

She plans to have the money framed.
Other customers were pleasantly shocked to hear a story with such a happy ending.

"I think it's pretty awesome that one she paid for his lunch and he actually came back and rewarded her for that..its pretty awesome pay it forward."

Amanda hopes more people learn how to pay it forward.