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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Stranded Dolphin in Pensacola Bay

A dead Dolphin was pulled from Pensacola Bay near Graffiti bridge Sunday.
It appears to have died after getting tangled up in some rope attached to an anchor.
Channel Three's Joe Douglass spoke with a member of the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge about what happened.

Some fishermen were out at the end of the Pensacola Bay fishing bridge here when they spotted the Dolphin bobbing lifeless in the water.
    It's a site no one wants to see and one that saddened some folks who happened to have stopped in the area.

"It's heartbreaking."
"Such a beautiful animal and it's just sad to see it go that way."
After they were called around 10:30am, some workers with the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge dragged the Dolphin over to the beach near Graffiti bridge.
    They then covered her, loaded her onto a truck
    And took the adult female to their facility in Fort Walton Beach for further inspection.

Steve Shippee, Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, "She got tangled up in some line. There was an anchor line that was wrapped around her tail flukes and some fishing line associated with that, some sinkers and stuff."
Steve Shippee coordinates the Marine animal response team that pulled the Dolphin out.
    "It looks like she struggled for a while and then probably died and sank, then floated back up after the gas inside of her body filled up."

"It's sad. They're so majestic and so beautiful."
"It's my first time seeing anything like this and I'm just appalled by it."
Shippee says if you see a stranded animal in the water, alive or dead, call 1-877-whale-help to notify authorities.
    He says if you see a live animal stranded, don't push it back out to sea.

Steve Shippee, said "Stay there, call, notify the officials, then wait for help to arrive.