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HEALTH MINUTE: Preventing strokes in women

Making health headlines this week, good news if you cheat on your diet, more bad news about sugar, and new guidelines for women when it comes to preventing strokes.
    Holly Firfer has today's Health Minute.

It's okay to splurge a little with your diet on the weekends.

Research in the journal obesity facts found eating those greasy foods such as french fries or lasagna, are okay as long as you make up for it during the week.

The study found gaining a small amount of weight on weekends is normal and indulging a bit could help with long term weight loss.

The bottom-line: Good long term habits trump short term splurges.

A new study shows sugar can do more than just make you fat, it can make you sick.

Researchers say there's a link between high sugar intake and cardio-vascular disease.

The study says its processed sugars that are the culprit, rather than naturally-occurring sugars like you find in fruit.

The American Heart Association has just released the first guidelines for preventing stroke in women.  Certain risk factors for stroke are unique to females because of complications that arise from pregnancy, the use of oral contraceptives, and other factors. 

Many of the recommendations focus on more aggressive treatment of high blood pressure before and during pregnancy, and suggest women get screened for the condition before taking the pill.