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Gulf Breeze home being demolished 10 years after Hurricane Ivan

GULF BREEZE  -  This September will mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Ivan.
The storm killed more than a dozen people in our area and caused millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses.

In most cases buildings have been repaired or rebuilt.
One home in Gulf Breeze is just now being demolished.

"It's a house with a million dollar view of the Santa Rosa Sound.  "But once you get inside the home you can see the devastation Hurricane Ivan left in 2004 - Insulation on the floor, an AC duct hanging from the ceiling, just to name a few - and 10 years later this home is being demolished."

The owner of the house on Soundview Trail says Hurricane Ivan nearly destroyed it.

13 feet of water flooded the home.
Ted Cobia  "If the dry wall gets wet, mold can grow, the insulation gets wet, you have to tear all of that out and start over again, so it can devastate a home."

After the decline of the housing market, not being able to settle flood insurance claims, and new codes requiring homes to be raised 3 feet higher.. he decided to sell the house as-is.

But no one wanted to buy.
Bob William's "The insurance thing has been a disaster for a lot of people."

Susan Presley looks at the dilapidated home each day from her back porch...
Susan Presley  "There is no question that the property value has decreased here based on that I mean we've had some of our neighbors look into trying to sell their property and have had no luck in doing that."

Presley and other neighbors went to the Gulf Breeze city council a year after the hurricane asking for something to be done.

But because the home was secure, code enforcement did nothing..
Then in December code enforcement says the house was vandalized. They told William's either bring the home up to code or tear it down.

"It's a shame to have to tear down a million dollar investment."
Some neighbors are happy to see the once enchanting home go..

Susan Presley  "It's not right for the other citizens who work to get their house back in order like we did and like the people next door did to continue to have something like that after 10 years."

"I really do apologize I guess we should've done something before ten years went by, but I was trying I was trying to sell the property and get out from under it."

"The demolition project to this home  should be completed by Friday afternoon."