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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

ANGELS IN OUR MIDST: (Bill Slavey, Ice Angel)

You've probably seen the video of the man who was rescuing stranded motorists during our recent ice event.
We received quite a few emails about him
So, we went to find out more about the man many people are calling, the Ice Angel.

Gayle Beech, rescued by Ice Angel;  "I live in Lillian, Alabama so I left three hours early to get to work. I drove 20 miles an hour.
And I get almost to the hospital, to Michigan Avenue, and my truck starts to fishtail. Out of the blue, here comes my angel."

That would be Billy Slavey, donning shorts and a T-shirt.

Gayle Beech;  "When he walked up and said, lady, I'm going to help you; pull you up this hill.  I said, sir, i have an extra jacket or a blanket in the car, if you would like it.  And he said, I'm from West Virginia, this is like fall to me.  And I said, yes, sir."

Still afraid of tackling the icy road, Gayle asked the obviously experienced Billy if he would drive her to work.  As fate would have it, his wife, Teresa also works at Sacred Heart Hospital.  So off they went, Teresa driving Gayle in their truck and Billy leading the way in Gayle's truck.

 Gayle;  "We work in the medical field and we have to be here."
Gayle wasn't Billy's only rescue that day.  In fact, he was at it for hours.

Teresa Slavey, Ice Angel's wife;  "Oh, I'm used to it.  He does it all the time."
Billy Slavey;  "I pulled 50 vehicles out of the bottom and drove 80 out of there; counted them. I've always done it; never stopped helping nobody."

Billy is somewhat of a legend for his rescue efforts.  He made his mark in his hometown in West Virginia, too.

Billy;  "In West Virginia, I used to walk to town in the snow.  I carried a chainsaw and a come-along to pull people out of the ditches all the time. Pulling police, fire department, ambulances, everything.  And been known for doing it in my shorts."

 WEAR's video of Billy Slavey's good deeds was aired all across the country and Billy has heard from people all over the map.

Billy;  "Texas, Canada, Alaska."
And we heard from a number of the drivers he rescued here.  Every one of them grateful for his kindness.

Teresa;  "And to everybody who sent e-mails, thank you.  We really appreciate it."

Just a 'thank you' is quite enough for Billy, but Gayle felt a need to do a little more; a card, a gift certificate ...

Gayle;  "We would like to present Billy with a shirt.  We know he likes tank tops, but he is part of our team here at Sacred Heart. He was my angel that day."

Angels in Our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.