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Military cuts cause anxiety to some retirees

The Pentagon's latest cost-cutting proposal would mean big changes in military pay and benefits.
The proposed 2015 budget includes smaller raises, lower housing allowances, and higher health-care payments for retirees and some active-duty family members.

Laura Hussey ""Kinfolks Bar-B-Q has been in business for 29 years. Lots of troops depend on them for an affordable lunch, they sell a pork sandwich for about four bucks. Their business as well, depends on the military"
Some of those service members could be tightening their belts under the Pentagon's 2015 budget proposal.
Just like last year, they'd receive the lowest raises in the history of the all-volunteer service: 1 %.

If troops have less to spend, owner Angie Childers says she could be forced to cut hours for her staff.

Angie "It doesn't help my employees, as then they can't go out and spend money at the local businesses. So it's just a trickle-down, affects everybody"
For the first time ever, the DOD is asking for a cut in the Basic Housing Allowance.
It would gradually shrink from one hundred percent of average costs to ninety-five percent.
Reimbursement for rental insurance would come to an end.
Col Scott Berry/USAF Retired "There are some significant cuts, but none of them are in and of themselves showstoppers"
Retired Colonel Scott Berry says the government is acknowledging some hard fiscal realities.
The proposal includes slight increases in Tricare co-pays and deductibles for retirees and some active duty families.
Col. Berry says if Congress approves the cuts, reaction could hinge on whether people outside the military are sharing the burden.

Col Berry "The military, if there's one thing we understand, it's sacrifice. The degree that morale will be affected to me is how much will the federal government apply the cuts across the board, not just single out the Department of Defense"

Laura Hussey "For our area, there is some upside to the cuts. The Secretary of Defense says he's trimming compensation in order to keep funding testing and big new programs like the F35 Joint Strike Fighter."