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Stocks close Monday worst day in seven months

Stocks sank on Monday, the worst day in more than seven-months.
The Dow-Jones plummeted more than two-percent.
A number of analysts now think that we could see the Dow fall 10-percent or more before it begins to rebound.
Today, investors are hoping for a rebound on Wall Street, after a brutal blow to stocks in 2014 that has sent 401Ks plunging.

The Dow Jones down 326 points yesterday - it's worst day in over 7 months.
The global economy is cooling off and not as strong as last year

The sell-off sent ripple effects around the world with Asian markets overnight going into free fall.

Investors are rattled by big costs to business during the unusually cold and wintry weather.   Everything from skyrocketing natural gas prices to thousands of cancelled flights.

Meanwhile, production at American factories has hit an 8-month low. and then when we got the manufacturing report, I think it sort of added gasoline to the fire and that's why we ended up in
the red.

For the average American family, it's meant a scary start to 2014 (GFX) with a typical 401k down almost 6 percent.

That means a nest egg of 100,000 dollars has lost 6,000 in the last month alone.
Keep it in context to the fact we had a huge up year last year and 2012 was a very good year.  When you're up more than 100% and give back 7% it's not such a bad thing. Right?
Market strategists say that context is key - and to not overreact to any single bad day. After the big plunge on Monday, markets today are hinting at a modest recovery.