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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Chuck E. Cheese responds to YouTube video

ESCAMBIA COUNTY - Chuck E. Cheese now says it's reinforcing cleanliness standards at all of its locations. This after a YouTube video shot at the Chuck E. Cheese in Escambia County was posted last week. The six second clip shows filthy conditions inside part of the play equipment.

Tori Hestand says she was at the restaurant with her family on February 4 when she shot the video.

"It was really disgusting," Hestand said, "There was hair and half-eaten food. There was candy wrappers. It almost smelled like somebody had urinated."
Hestand says the video was shot around 5:00 p.m. when there weren't a lot of other customers around.

"I just went with my sister to Chuck E. Cheese, my sister and my dad," Hestand said, "She has twins that are eight months-old".
Hestand, who's petite, says she took one of the twins up to the play equipment to crawl around in the tunnels. She says after seeing conditions in one area she immediately took her nephew away from the equipment and came back to shoot the video with her cell phone.

"I would just not them playing, especially if they have any open wounds on their fingers," Hestand said, "They're crawling on their hands and knees...Kids instantly put their hands in their mouths."

We showed the video to some parents of young children to see what they thought.

"I'm not very happy with that cleanliness because my daughter's been there before," said Ryan Bussard.

Amanda Eady, a mother of two, said, "If I was there and I saw it, I would get my kid out."
It's unclear which government agency, if any, regulates play equipment at restaurants in our area. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which handles food safety and sanitation, says they don't deal with it and don't know who does. Neither does the state Health Department, the Department of Children and Families, or Escambia County.

Chuck E. Cheese responded to the video with the following statement:

At Chuck E. Cheese's, providing wholesome entertainment to families and maintaining a safe experience for our guests and staff is a primary concern for us just as it is top-of-mind for the families and parents who visit us.

In light of this, one of our main goals is to provide a fun place for families to create lifelong memories and a large part of that is letting family members concentrate on having a great time and not worry about the safety or cleanliness of their environment. It is unfortunate that the SkyTubes in our Pensacola store were not maintained to our expectations, and we'd like to thank our guests for bringing this matter to our attention.

We have addressed our disappointment and standards with our managers at this location, remedied the situation and reinforced our expectations for the environment at all of our stores.
In addition to health inspections, the stringent cleaning and disinfecting standards we expect to be met throughout each of our locations include:
         Game and play-area equipment is wiped down periodically throughout the day and disinfected every evening
         Restrooms are checked and maintained every 30 minutes
         Tables are cleaned and disinfected after every use
As always, if guests see anything at their local store that doesn't live up to the standards we strive to uphold, we ask that they please let us know.

Maintaining a wholesome, safe experience that sets a standard across all our locations is of utmost importance to Chuck E. Cheese's, and we will continue to work to improve how we operate our business. We appreciate concern and feedback from our guests.