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City Council to discuss public bathroom use at tonight's meeting

PENSACOLA  --  Should people be allowed to do laundry in a public restroom?
That's just one of the issues being voted on at tonight's Pensacola City Council meeting.
Jim Carmack/Channel 3 News
"There's an interesting vote coming up at tonight's City Council meeting.  It involves public rest rooms on Pensacola city property.  Right now you can't sleep, shave, bathe, prepare food or do your laundry inside.  But if Councilwoman Sherri Myers gets her way those restrictions will be gone.  And the only things you couldn't do would be smoke, start a fire, or build a bed."

Councilwoman Myers says removing existing restrictions is better for everyone who uses public restrooms, and gives examples like washing off during a hot day at the park, or mothers mixing up baby formula or preparing food for their children.  Others say this move is driven by pensacola's homeless population, and safety then becomes a bigger concern.

Janice Mendoza
"I don't want to walk into a bathroom one day and see someone taking a bath, or shaving, or doing their laundry in a sink when I'm trying to be hygienic and clean my hands."

Lindsay Eaton/
"They can still go in there and use the bathroom if they want to.  They have the same rights as us.  We can't go in there and take a shower and we can't either.  It's not a discrimination, it's just the rules."

Joel Eriksson/New to Pensacola
"It seems like an improper place to prepare food, to me."

Kathy Holsworth/Lifelong Pensacola Resident
"I wish the homeless population had a different way to take care of their life, but having worked in downtown businesses where the bathrooms were defaced by people who came and used them that weren't using the facilities, the staff is not always prepared to do a clean up or to handle perhaps a safety issue with a person whose maybe not altogether there that is using the bathroom as their clean up place.