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Super Bowl security

Super Bowl 48 is less than 24 hours away.
And while most of you are probably cooking hot wings and cheese dip to get ready, law enforcement agencies are heating up their own recipes to keep everyone safe.
    ABC's Gio Benitez has a security run down for the big game.

Eyes from the sky! F-16's and helicopter fly overhead and in the waters.
Near met life stadium, State police boats are on patrol. And outside, dogs sniff for bombs, as swat teams search for weapons of mass destruction. 

Sunday's Super Bowl security presents a challenge for the region like no other, as ten of thousands of attendees, vendors, press and players converge on New York and New Jersey.

On Friday all that preparation put to the test, after seven suspicious packages containing white powder were delivered to nearby hotels.
    The substance turned out to be benign, but the potential of the threat was very real.

New York's new Police Commissioner spoke to ABC's Pierre Thomas about what worries him most.
    "The lone wolf as we saw in Boston, the two brothers that conspired, self-radicalized if you will."

And for those heading out the game, security efforts will be front and center. Fans will have to show a ticket and adhere to a strict bag policy, just to board the rails that will take them there.

Chris Trucillo, Chief of Police, said "Anything bigger than that is not going to be allowed on the train."

Delivery trucks are scrutinized too, high-tech radiation and x-ray machines scan every single one.
    And with just a day left to go, it's Super Bowl mania, all that security not dampening fan excitement.

"We get there as early as we can and just enjoy every minute of it. Soak it all up and scream as loud as we can.
    Watch the fellows walk away with the Lombardi trophy. That's the plan."