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Crestview daycare concerned os lack of notice

CRESTVIEW  --  A daycare is concerned it was not warned about a manhunt in Crestview.
Yesterday, police put two schools and a hospital on lockdown, while they searched for a man with a gun.
They eventually took a person of interest in custody, and the lockdowns were lifted.

Some people are upset they were not told about the search.
"Thursday afternoon, this Crestview neighborhood was locked down for hours after multiple reports of a gunman were called into the Crestview Police Department.

The CPD responded with help from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office to conduct a search for the man. Now the neighborhood has multiple daycare facilities, like the Childcare Network, some of which received information during the search. Others did not. And it's got some wondering if the state might come up with a better way to handle this type of emergency."
Crestview police say the first response is to establish a containment area.
They'll warn businesses with children inside that area first, then others.

"I don't think there was a safer place in the area, to be honest. I mean, there was a huge presence of people just monitoring with their weapons and stuff..."
Businesses outside of the area, daycare's included, are not warned, so resources can be focused on the emergency.

Charmaine Nick, runs that daycare, a third of a mile away from the search area.
The daycare was not alerted.

"We had no idea what was going on. All we knew was that we had police officers that were in the area, and that there was some type of threat."
She wants a system that warns all child-care facilities close to a situation about danger.
Crestview police say that would have to be approved and likely funded from a state level.

"Local businesses are not as impacted as facilities with small children who are incapable of defending themselves. That falls on us. And we need to be there to protect these children, and we can't do our jobs if we're not contacted."

"Crestview Police say they understand, especially when children are involved, that people want more information during an emergency. But they say the best use of their resources is often to make the situation as safe as possible first."