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Documenting the changes of the Graffiti Bridge

PENSACOLA  --  Everyday that you drive under the graffiti bridge it seems that there is something new to see.
A father and daughter duo have decided to document the changes made to the bridge for an entire year.

"It's a way for people in our area to express themselves it's a constantly changing canvas the graffiti bridge and that's what lead one father an daughter team to take pictures everyday this year."
You can find almost any type of message on the bridge everything from a Valentines Day wish to rest in peace..

It seems every time  you drive under the bridge  something new has been added.
That's what gave this father, daughter duo the idea to document the bridge for a year..
They started a little before Christmas taking pictures..every day from the same spot..

Kristin Foster  "Surprisingly  the weather or if it's raining or the temperature has a big impact on if the bridge gets painted at all and some days it doesn't get painted at all."
The team has created a website people can visit and watch the bridges transformation...
John Harris  "When someone comes paints or tags it then they have to take a picture to show it to someone or tell them to come by and I thought it would be neat to have a website where they can say go to this website and see the picture."
The pair say this project has been a bonding experience..
John Harris  "Except for when I want to go left and she want's to go right, but we usually go right..so she wins most every time."
They expect by December 31st the bridge will look completely different...
While their project will be complete they are not sure what they will do with the pictures..

Kristin Foster  "Well I've had people ask me well maybe I should put them in a book like have a coffee table book about it and I don't know about that yet. We still have a year to figure it out, but that's a thought."

"For more information on how you can check out these constantly changing pictures you can log onto our website at weartv.com and click on Newslinks."  Or just click here to go there now