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Researchers say weekend eating is okay

For most of us, the weekends are a time to get out and enjoy things like family gatherings, festivals and sports.
But all the big meals and junk food that go along with weekend activities seem like bad choices.
    Well now researchers are saying it's okay.

For most of us the weekend is a time to splurge on our favorite foods leaving us feeling guilty when we see that uptick on the scale Monday morning.

But in a surprising twist, researchers say don't worry about it. Most of us lose that extra weight during the week.

Dr. Brian Wansink from Cornell University co-authored the study and focuses on why we eat the way we do.
    "Weekdays lend themselves to weight loss because they're much more patterned. We tend to get up at the same time, eat meals at the same time, we seem to have more control over our schedules, we're also more likely to exercise, so if weight loss is going to occur it's got to happen over the weekdays."

That's why the majority of people weigh the least on Friday morning and the most on Monday morning.    

"If I'd like to lose weight, what should I take away from this study."

"If you want to lose weight don't focus on what happens over the weekends as much as what happens during the weekdays because it is over the weekdays, Monday through Friday, where weight loss really occurs." Dr. Wansink said.

Nutritionists we spoke to say if you want to maximize your weight loss during the week follow these three tips.

-Limit the amount you eat out - we're less likely to make healthy choices at restaurants and certain foods on the menu contain a lot of salt which can cause temporary water retention.

-eat every 4-5 hours to control appetite

-and eat protein and fiber at every meal - the make you feel full with the least calories.