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WEAR - Search Results

The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

WEAR says goodbye to Mollye Barrows

Mollye's career here began in January, 1996 as an intern.

She was in her last semester at the University of West Florida.

Mollye waited tables to pay for college and majored in Journalism..

"Mollye was one of those interns who walked in the door with a fire in her gut for the business."

That sparkiness earned her a reporting job at our sister station WFGX in Fort Walton Beach.

After a year, Mollye was promoted to a general reporting job back here at WEAR...Where she quickly became known for her gutsy reporting...Asking the tough questions.

"Great sense of justice and wanting to do things for people.  A sense of fairplay."

Another promotion -- one of many she earned -- would soon come...For five years Mollye paid her weekend news dues...Still reporting during the week...Crime, fires, hurricanes, getting windblown and often dirty.

"Mollye's not worried about her clothes, not worried about the fact she's ruined a pair of shoes, that's not it, it's about the story."

Big stories were her specialty...Mollye was the first reporter on the scene when a shark bit the arm off of a young boy at Pensacola Beach...She also covered the King brothers double murder trial...Scoring exclusive after exclusive...So many she wrote a well recieved book about the brothers.

"There are the big stories, but then there are the ones people don't remember right off."

Mollye earned an investigative award  on a series of reports called "Secrets in the Schoolhouse."

For more than a year Mollye dug up facts about the alleged abuse of teenage girls at a local home for young women.

"Mollye cried for those girls, Mollye lived their stories through them, I just remember her passion.

That story still bothers Mollye.

"Mollye wants to save everybody, I think if she could have, she would've taken them all home.  She takes on the hurt."

Another promotion -- this time to morning duty...Where she anchored "Three in the Morning" with her dear friends, Jared and Christian. 

That run lasted five years...Until she was asked to begin a brand new newscast, our 4pm show with her buddy, Chief Meteorologist Allen Strum...That launch was so successful, Mollye soon joined our 10 o'clock newscast with one time mentor and now close colleage, Bob Solarski.

During her career climb, Mollye fitted in "real life" too....she married Craig Vigodsky...Lost her beloved father BJ...Continues to care for stylish and vivacious momma --Miss EDB.

She also gave birth to a baby girl.

Mollye graciously shared that milestone with us in our popular segment, "Mollye's A Mommy."

Vivian's the reason Mollye's allowed us to do this story...A tribute is not her style...But she says one day, Vivian may be curious about her career here.

Who better to tell her than Aunt Sue...Mommy's  prayer warrior for 20 years.

"Your mom is one of the most beautiful people inside and out that I have ever met. You have a mom who is passionate about people.  She's passionate about her job and I gotta tell you, she's very passionate about one very special little girl named Vivian."