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DNA evidence frees 2 New York men after decades in prison

After decades in prison over murders, DNA evidence frees two New York men.

Antonio Yarbough and Sharrif Wilson were teenagers when prison doors shut behind them. This week they walked free after DNA evidence tore holes in their convictions.

Two decades in a maximum security prison and being accused of killing your mother, your sister and your cousin, is hard to imagine.

It was nightmare, Yarbough told CNN. 21 years and seven months was more like 42 years and seven months, when you know youre in prison for something you didnt do.

At least one false confession detectives coerced out of a scared teenage boy over 20 years ago led to the convictions. I was scared, afraid; I was lied to, manipulated into believing that I was going to go home, if I do tell.what they said happened. Wilson said.

Last year the right shred of evidence came along in the form of a DNA sample from a rape-murder committed in 1999.

It matched DNA found under the fingernails of Yarbough's mother, indicating that the same killer probably committed both crimes. In 1999, Yarbough and Wilson were in prison and couldn't have committed the second murder.

"When I heard about it, I was extremely overwhelmed," Yarbough said. "I was happy."

Wilson and Yarbough had not seen each other for more than two decades, when they met in court Thursday.

Both men celebrated freedom by fulfilling some longings they had for two decades.

Wilson filled his mouth with a hot slice of New York pizza.

Yarbough filled his lungs with New York air.