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Dieters: Carbs may not be as bad as previously thought

If you're on a diet, there may be few things you fear more than carbs.  
Carbs may not be as bad as you think.

Carbs for dieters, a four-letter word.   Cupcakes, cake, pasta, bread - all carbs we know and love.

But new research suggests that perhaps they won't pack on the pounds as much as we think for some of us.  Whether or not you have to worry may be written in your DNA.

Looking at over 6,000 people around the globe, Swedish scientists found a gene that might make the difference. This gene makes an enzyme that breaks down carbs.

People with fewer copies of this gene had a harder time breaking down those starchy foods  and were eight times more likely to be obese than people who had the most copies of the gene.

Since you can't change genes - and you don't even know which genetic group you're in - this won't change your diet tomorrow.  But it may hold the key to a new way to prevent and treat obesity one that could allow us all to have our cake and eat it too.