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Tropical Storm Bertha formed over the Atlantic Thursday night and is heading west-northwest.  It has winds of 45 miles per hour and is not forecast to become a hurricane. The storm is not forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico.



WEAR - Search Results

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NEW DETAILS: Malaysian Airline Flight 370

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is intensifying.
There are now ten aircraft and ten ships criss-crossing the Indian Ocean, west of Australia - trying to find anything that proves the Boeing 777 went down in the area.
Another Australian ship carrying special equipment built to locate the airliner's black box is on it's way to join the search party.
The "Ocean Shield" is expected to reach the search area in the next three days.
The aircraft's "black-boxes" have about six days of battery life left before they go silent.

The problem is fundamentally the massive size of the search area.
It all depends upon how effective we are at reducing that search area right now the search area is basically the size of the Indian Ocean which would take an untenable amount of time to search

It's been more than three weeks since the Boeing 777 disappeared with 239 people on board.

The families say they want proof the plane actually went down.
 Many believe their relatives are still alive.