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New flashing traffic signs on Bayou Blvd

New flashing electronic speed signs have been installed on Bayou Boulevard.  It's part of an effort to slow traffic down on a dangerous stretch of road. People who live in the area are unsure of how effective the signs will be.

If you typically drive on Bayou Blvd in Pensacola, you may have noticed some new hardware.  This is an electronic speed sign.  It's designed to let drivers know how fast they're going and basically, get them to slow down before they get into the curve.

The posted speed limit for this stretch of Bayou Boulevard is 35 miles per hour.  These solar powered signs are designed to flash if a driver's speed gets above 40.  That's something residents who live nearby say happens a lot.

"Typically people on Bayou do speed, you know, 5-10 miles an hour, and usually that's not too big of a problem, but obviously when it's late at night and coupled with drinking or even people who aren't familiar with the road, that's when the real problems come about," said Greg Nesvik who lives near Bayou Blvd.

"I have children, others on this street have children, and if you're out here.  There have been many times kids and adults both have come flying in and have skidded across on that side of the street.  They've come into our yard a few times so they just fly through here.  It's dangerous," said Angela Mintz, who has lived in the area for 17 years.    

The main focus of these speed signs is to slow down traffic on this curve, where there are also memorial signs like this one, remembering someone who died in this spot.  But will the flashing alert be effective?

"I do think it will help especially for the people who are unaware or new to the area going too fast too late at night, i really do think it will help."

"I fear that they will get used to them being there and just start ignoring them.  And it will continue to be a problem."

These signs have been put up, so hopefully we won't see any more signs like this one.