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Escambia Co School District against proposal for teachers to have guns in school

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  Teachers carrying guns on school grounds that's what a new proposal would allow.
As of now federal laws ban people from having guns on school property unless they are law enforcement..

Some Florida law makers say after the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident this would help prevent a tragedy similar from happening in Florida.

The Escambia County School District is against the proposal..
"Shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident fencing like this went in at OJ Simms Elementary School to protect the students from possible intruders."
All of the middle and high schools in Escambia County have School Resource Officers but is that enough to protect students and teachers?

Gay Galliway "I definitely would not want a teacher to have a gun. Why? Are they going to  shoot a student? Is a student going to get a gun and shoot the teacher? No, I'm definitely  against it."
Escambia County Teachers Union president Donna Harper says teacher should not be allowed to carry guns..

Donna Harper  "We do have to keep our teachers and our children safe, but there are other ways to do it then having so many guns in a school."   

Her suggestion is add a resource officer to all elementary schools as well..
School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas says he's also against the gun proposal..

Malcolm Thomas  "All it's going to take is the first incident where a teacher is trying to stop an intruder and they hit a child or a child takes the  weapon from a teacher or the bad guy takes the weapon from the teacher."
He says adding resource officers to all 31 elementary schools would cost tax payers around 3-million dollars..

"I've been superintendent I'm now approaching 5 1/2 years and I've had zero incidence that would've required a resource officer on that campus everyday, so it becomes a waste of resources and tax payer money."
Instead he says extra security steps is the way to go.
"Making sure that everybody has to check in all the other doors are locked outside doors are locked, allowing our badges to open doors."
If the adding security isn't enough he says calling 9-11 is the better option.
"I promise you if they get a call from a school they're coming with a Calvary  and they are in a better position to help us control that situation then a teacher would be."

"Even if Florida legislators decide to have teachers carry guns in schools Malcolm Thomas says he stands firm on his NO response."