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Winter Storm hits middle of the country and heads for east coast

Millions of Americans weary of winter weather are hunkered down for yet another storm.

The middle of the country saw ice and sleet over the weekend and now it's the east coast's turn for snow and bitter cold.

It certainly doesn't look or feel like spring is just around the corner.
This late winter storm stretched across 20 states.  100 million people affected by snow, ice, and bitter cold temperatures.

Here in the Washington DC area snow began falling overnight and picked up in intensity during the morning rush hour.  But the roads were empty!

The federal government is closed for the day - the fourth snow holiday this season.
This system is the same one that dumped massive rains and caused mudslides on the West Coast late last week.

As it made its way east, it caused quite a ruckus.
From Texas to Oklahoma thunder snow!
Even thunder sleet lightning!

Some parts of Arkansas saw four inches of pure sleet!
An SUV lost control and plunged right off a bridge.  One person was killed, two injured.

In Wichita, Kansas hundreds of weather-related accidents leading to at least eight deaths.
The winter mess is causing travel nightmares. Already more than two-thousand flights have been cancelled hundreds are delayed.

The brunt of it is on the east coast.
This is just the latest chapter in a long winter of travel woes, one analysis estimates that since December 1st, the weather has taken a 5.8 billion toll on passengers, airlines, and airports.

The storm will end by early evening, but then the bitter cold settles in. 
Near record lows from the Midwest to the East Coast will last for several days before warmer air arrives.