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Boat trailer tips from Gary Finch

It's spring break season, and some you may be wanting to get out and enjoy some nice weather -- by boat! Gary Finch tells us how you can keep your boat trailer in top shape.

Good morning everyone.  One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in a fisherman's arsenal is the boat trailer.  But you can't get your boat to the water without it!

"A lot of people will get their boat and that's what they fix that's what they maintain is the boat, but they forget what the boat's sitting on and that's the trailer.  Well, you can't get it from point a to point b without that trailer.  The first thing that we look at is just the obvious on the outside right here,  you know if we see a bunch of rust right here, then typically on the inside it's going to be just as bad or worse," said Nate Haddock.
When checking your trailer lights, you've got your plug, it's just been sitting in the dirt you can take some cleaner and a wire brush, you know brush all your connections, and make sure your connections are all good before you plug it in your truck.  But you also want to take it out of the wire lane.  Like I was talking about you've got rodents and stuff that eat the wires, so you want to check your wiring and make sure that it's all good.  On your jack, you want to make sure that your jack is good and greased.  Take some grease and grease the shaft of the jack, lower it up and down and get it good and greased. Your coupler, which slides in and out.  Some will have grease fittings on them.  This one does not.  The other thing is your wench strap.  You want to check that and make sure it's good.  This one, some people when they are wenching them up, they crease them right here.  Well what that will do every time is that will get a weak link right here and when you go to wench on the boat it's going to pop and break.  So you want to check that. 
This roller is eaten through, so you are going to need to replace that.  It's already started scratching the bow of the boat right here.

Here is the trailer flush that I was talking about.  Hook your garden hose up, turn your water on, unload the boat, come back, turn the water off and rinse the rest of the frame.  You can see that this customer doesn't really rinse his frame and you can see the salt on it.  It's just good to keep it cleaned and keep it rinsed off and the life of it will last a lot longer. Make sure to have your trailer inspected by an expert before wetting a line.