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Malaysia airlines plane missing

Search teams are scouring the South China Sea for an airliner that disappeared from Air Traffic Control screens.
ABC's Todd Ant has all the details.

Malaysia airlines flight MH370 with 239 aboard broke radar contact in mid-air, bound form Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
The airline says it lost touch with the Boeing 777-200 aircraft about two hours after takeoff, reportedly over Vietnamese airspace.

The CEO of Malaysia airlines made the grim announcement on its Facebook page, saying "We deeply regret that we have lost all contacts with flight MH370."
The airline said there were 13 Nationalities among the 227 passengers, four were Americans, including one infant.

The acting transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, said "We're doing everything that we can to ensure that every possible angle in this situation is addressed."
    Experts say the circumstances are ominous.

Steve Ganyard, a US Marine, said "This is very rare. For an airplane to disappear is not normal. I think we have at this hour every reason to expect this is not going to be a good outcome."

So many question swarm around the mystery. The Beijing airport initially listed the flight as delayed, but it was far worse.
Later, anxious relatives gathered at a hotel awaiting news on the plane.

Locating the Jetliner and any possible survivors may be very difficult.
Ganyard said, "There's a chance this airplane went down in the water which is gonna make the rescue and the recovery efforts that much harder."

Painful efforts that have only just begun.