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LATEST: Malaysian Prime Minister says Flight 370 crashed into Indian Ocean leaving 'no survivors'

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner is on hold because of strong currents and bad weather
Malaysia's Prime Minister says there is no doubt that the aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean with *no survivors*.
So far, no actual debris has been found.
But search teams have spotted  what they believe could be debris floating in the sea.

Ships from four countries are waiting on the weather to clear up to continue looking for any signs of wreckage.

We're not searching for a needle in a haystack. We're still trying to find where the haystack is. It is difficult for success in this weather to find small bits of debris that are washing around in the Southern Indian Ocean.

And that's only the beginning.
Once the debris field is found, they'll still have to hunt for those black boxes in waters deeper than where the Titanic sank.