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Putin still not backing down in Ukraine

International pressure is mounting tonight for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, with no sign Russia will back down..

Russia now essentially controls all of Crimea.
And President Vladimir Putin will not rule out using force elsewhere in Ukraine.

Russian soldiers fired warning shots today, then stood face to face with unarmed Ukrainian troops at a disputed airfield in Crimea. 
Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the capital of Kiev with the promise of a billion dollars in loans for Ukraine's interim government.

The latest right now from ABC's Devin Dwyer.

On the streets of Kiev, America's top diplomat was greeted like a hero...

Orthodox priest  "Please don't give up on Ukraine"

...a symbol of US solidarity in the face of Cold-War style Russian intimidation.

Secretary of State John Kerry paid tribute to Ukrainian activists killed in last month's revolution, then met with leaders of the new pro-western government.

Putin, in Russian "This is an anti-constitutional coup"

From Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the new Ukrainian regime "illegitimate" and likened US support to "running experiments on rats."

As for those Russian-speaking soldiers now in full control of parts of southern Ukraine, Putin claimed they're not his.

The White House calls that possibility a glaring red line, warning that Russia is already meddling in Ukraine against international law.

President Obama  "Facts on the ground indicate that right now he's not abiding by, by that principle."

Putin says he has no immediate plans to use military force inside Ukraine, a slight change in tone that triggered a regional sigh of relief.

Markets around the world rallied on the news, giving Wall Street its best day all year.

But then, a seemingly provocative move as Russia fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, part of a previously planned test.

Tomorrow, Secretary Kerry will attempt to defuse tensions during a summit with the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers in Paris.
Devin Dwyer, ABC News, Washington.