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Mom discovers disgusting surprise in soup can

A mom in Colorado is demanding answers after she found what looks like a chicken embryo -- with feet and all inside a can of Campbell's soup.

When Nicole Montgomery heated up some chicken soup  for her sick four-year-old,  what she found inside was hardly comfort food.
"It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what was in that soup," Montgomery said.
She has been storing the leftovers in her fridge and keeps getting them out just to be sure. The morsel about the size of the star-shaped pasta is still there.

"It's like a train wreck -- you can't stop looking at. I keep looking at it and thinking how does this happen?"
She called Campbell's 800 number to tell customer service.

"She's like well that's not possible and I said well, it's got feet and a beak and it really looks like a dead chicken -- and she's like there's absolutely no way that can be a dead chicken."

Whatever this is, Montgomery says, it wasn't on the ingredients list and she's glad she didn't feed it to her daughter.

"What's in our fridge right now -- a dead chicken. What? Dead chicken? How did that get there? I don't know I don't know either. Haha."

Montgomery says Campbell's promised to send a courier to pick up the specimen and offered some coupons.

"I said I'm not interested in coupons because I'm not interested in soup any time soon from them."
A Campbell's soup spokeswoman tells me they take claims of product contamination very seriously. They are sending a FedEx box to Montgomery to get the 'exhibit'.

And then they will conduct their investigation.