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NEW DETAILS: Missing Malaysian plane

American ships are on the move this morning, looking for the missing Malaysian jetliner even farther away from its original flight path. 

A top U.S. military source says there's an indication the jet went down in the Indian Ocean.
In addition the acting Minister of Transportation says  two oil slicks were found yesterday, one contained tiny traces of jet fuel, but no jet was found in the vicinity.
Nearly a week since flight 370 vanished sources tell ABC News two clues * could indicate* someone with aviation experience took the plane off course

The first clue the final data transmission sent at 1:07 am the second the 777s transponder which shows where the plane is in the airshut off separately

After that it could have flown for hours as far as 2400 miles from Malaysia.  That explains the massive expansion of the search area farther into the South
 China Sea and into the Indian Ocean.

Malaysian officials say only all options are on the table
Can you please explain if you have any evidence that would confirm and if so how that the transponder and the ACARS systems were both shut down systematically

"It could have been done intentionally, under duress, because of an explosion. I do not want to go into speculation."

Today, a senior military official told ABC News,   investigators want to eliminate "the possibility, however remote, that the airplane can be used for nefarious purposes against us in the future"

Malaysian officials say they have not yet searched the pilots' homes but are looking closely at everyone on board

 At the mosque the co-pilot attended, friends told ABC's Bob Woodruff he was a great man.
 Imam Ahmad Sharafi Ali Asrah // We always hope they will come back safe"

 Woodruff: "Inshallah."