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Crestview gas prices higher than surrounding areas

CRESTVIEW  --  The quest for lower gas prices has some Crestview residents driving out of town to fill their tanks.
When they asked us why Crestview has the highest gas prices in the county. we sent Channel Three's Laura Hussey to check it out.

Laura Hussey "For most of us, that "empty" light comes on a lot more often than we'd like. Here in the Hub City, a lot of people tell me if they know they have to fill up, they know they're going to be paying more, and sometimes a lot more"
The website says the lowest price in Crestview right now is 3.42 for a gallon of regular.
Prices in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach are as low as 3.34 a gallon.
Chip Bowdren says the eight- cent difference is about the norm, and it adds up.

Chip Bowdren "Owning a business here for twenty years and having to pay for all the gas in these big trucks, it gets kind of ridiculous"
Debbie Harton says sometimes, the price difference is twenty cents or more.
Debbie Harton/Crestview "I don't understand it! Sometimes thirty cents! I just don't understand what's the difference, and it's the same gas"
Crestview Chamber of Commerce president and county commissioner Wayne Harris says he gets the question a lot, so he asked gas distributors.
He says they attribute the difference to transportation costs.
Wayne Harris "Our market is further away from where the gas is actually tanked, which is down in Freeport, and there's a cost to the retailer as well as the customer"
Gas taxes did go up three cents a gallon this year, but that change applies county-wide.       
Debbie Harton says it shouldn't cost so much more to bring gas to Crestview.   

"I don't buy it here. I don't. I go over to Niceville, that's where I go"    
Laura Hussey "Again, ten cents of your per-gallon price is the county gas tax. That can only be used for road and transportation improvements."          

You can find the lowest gas pPrices in your area on our website under "Pump Patrol"