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Obama concerned over military movements in Ukraine

President Obama says he's deeply concerned about potential Russian military movements in the Ukraine.
    Now the Parliament there has asked the UN Security Council for help. 

In direct defiance of US warnings, Russian military transport planes have flown in troops, maybe as many as 2,000, who have now consolidated the capture of Crimea's two main airports.

Hours earlier, the airports were seized by mysterious armored columns that appeared blocking access along Crimean highways, and carrying armed men with no military insignia, though some of the vehicles had Russian military markings.

The Russian power play seems to have taken the Obama administration by surprise.

John Kerry, Secretary of State, said "We were told that they are not engaging in any violation of the Sovereignty and do not intend to..."

President Obama hastened to warn Moscow off.
" ... The United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine."

Words clearly aimed at Russia's President, Vladimir Putin. The two leaders have long had an edgy relationship.

One more reason for worry as Putin's soldiers have now sharply escalated the crisis in Ukraine, perhaps moving it another step toward civil war.
A war in which Russia, the US, and Europe may now take sides.

Sergei Markov, Russian Politician, said "We are on the edge not of the new cold war, but we are on the edge of hot war.

The people of the Crimea largely welcome the Russian incursion. They are loyal to Moscow and to Viktor Yanukovich, the ousted President they still recognize as their rightful leader.

Obama said, "right now, the situation remains very fluid."

With everyone worrying:  What will Vladimir Putin do next?