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Over 400 spring breakers arrested in Okaloosa Co for underage drinking

OKALOOSA COUNTY  --  More 400 spring breakers have been taken to jail this month in walton county because of a zero-tolerance policy on underage drinking.
Channel three's laura Hussey shows us what happens after an arrest on the beach.

Laura Hussey "The Walton County Sheriff's Office is keeping a strong presence here in Miramar Beach. This is the first year they've tried a zero-tolerance policy on underage drinking"
Deputies know people come here to cut loose.

They also see what happens when it goes too far.
A sheriff's office spokesperson says they're not trying to ruin anybody's fun, but their job is to enforce the law.

Nick Kennemur/Alabama "We're staying right there in Ariel Dunes and I think that, I guess is like the drunk tank right there"

What Nick Kennemur from Alabama calls the "Drunk Tank" is more commonly known as a command post.

It's been busy.
Ashley Davenport "If they see you with a beer, they're going to ask you for your ID and if you're under 21, they're charging them and taking them to the jail"

Not every underage drinker goes to jail.
Those under eighteen get a notice to appear in court, and their parents get a call.    

But those between eighteen and twenty are loaded into a van and taken to jail.
Nick "I think it's a good idea. If you're underage, you don't need to be drinking"

Corrections officers are on the beach to speed up booking paperwork.
Sheriff's office spokesperson Catherine Rodriguez says most people bond out in a matter of hours.

University of Alabama student Ashley Davenport says she doesn't think it will discourage people from coming here in the future, but the policy is getting their attention.

Ashley Davenport "It has everyone a little scared, on their toes"
Laura Hussey "This is the van that takes the people who are arrested to the jail in DeFuniak Springs. Deputies can keep an eye on them through these wire grids. And there's still some sand on the seat from the last trip."