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South Carolina mom drives van with her children in to Atlantic Ocean

FLORIDA  --  A South Carolina mom is undergoing a mental-health evaluation this morning after she drove her minivan off a Florida roadway and into the Atlantic Ocean.
Her three young children were in the van at the time.
Several people jumped into action and pulled the woman and the children from the vehicle.
What drove a mother to send her minivan full of kids hurling into the ocean?
It's a question today for investigators in Daytona Beach, Florida, after this frantic rescue, caught on tape.

One of the three kids inside the van waving out the window -- Are they saying help?
Tim Tesseneer, driving by with his wife, sprinted from his car to help,   I'll never get the picture out of my head of that

Little boy with his outstretched arms saying please help me our mom's trying to kill us

When he reached the van, another good samaritan was trudging through the waves with two kids in his arms.

Stacey Robinson told ABC's Steve Osunsami the mother was delusional.
When I was speaking to her, her eyes were like (opens
Wide) Wide? Wide.

Police identified the woman as 32-year-old Ebony Wilkerson of South Carolina... a pregnant mom whose family said she has quote "mental issues."

She's like having psychosis or something
Hours before the incident they called 911. Police met Wilkerson at the beach, but they say she had done nothing wrong.

She's talking about Jesus and that there are demons in my house that I'm trying to control her.

Not long after, her van was in the water being engulfed in waves.
Everyone in this case did what they should have done, The family, the police went and talked to her.  They're going to have to decide whether they believe there was a crime committed.

Wilkerson spent the night in the hospital undergoing mental evaluations. All three of her children are safe and in protective custody.